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Understanding Foreclosure in New York

Foreclosure is a multifaceted legal process in which a lender takes possession of a property when the borrower fails to meet their mortgage obligations. In the state of New York, foreclosure laws and procedures are intricate and can be challenging to navigate for both homeowners and lenders. Understanding foreclosure in

Will Foreclosures Boom in 2021?

By Maurie Backman, The Mottley Fool Given the number of Americans who have struggled financially during the coronavirus pandemic, you’d think foreclosure numbers would be booming. But actually, according to new research on household debt by The Ascent, foreclosure rates are down this year. While there were around 50,000 foreclosures

Saving Your Home from Foreclosure and Predators

The greatest financial crisis in the United States was the last recession which spanned from December 2007 to June 2009. During this time, unemployment rates were raised by about 6.1% resulting in a loss of consumer spending and business investments. Before the recession, many Americans bought houses using mortgages they

How Bankruptcy Can Help With Foreclosure

For many immigrants, the American Dream is that of either owning a business or a home. Sadly, with recent flat-line mortgage industry resulting in a foreclosure crisis, the American Dream of owning a home has become a nightmare. This nightmare is keeping immigrants from all over the United States awake

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